Orcas Island Life

Orcas Island offers a four-season island lifestyle with a robust cultural scene; charming village life with a hardware store, numerous artisanal purveyors, boutiques, galleries, and organic grocers; and all of the medical facilities and residential conveniences necessary for comfortable and engaged year-round living. The island’s gorgeous surroundings and idyllic lifestyle make it a magnet for people of great talent and accomplishment, and thus leads to an unusually diverse and active community.

Orcas Island is a profoundly laid back, comfortable and safe community in which people of great affluence and stature can decompress and be themselves, surrounded by the charms that only a small town atmosphere can provide. It is a popular natural getaway and home base for many notable and famous individuals, as its unique setting affords an enviable level of privacy and a live-and-let-live culture in which the extraordinary can lead slower and more ordinary existences, supported by great cultural resources, renowned schools and friendly people.